New esports platform aims to be an umbrella service for racing games

Simracing.GP - a new online platform for simracing esports - aims to improve the experience of competitive multiplayer racing, bringing it a step closer to the world of motorsports. The Simracing.GP platform simplifies organizing and hosting online practice sessions, single races, and championships. Automatic ingest of race results, driver history & statistics, team profiles, and more. Esports-ready with an expanding driver database and marketplace for sponsorships SGP is a joint venture between RaceDepartment and technology investment partner Nascent.

Simracing.GP aims to become a one-stop-shop for everything simracing and esports. It will provide participants with technological tools to participate and organize competitive online multiplayer races, whether a casual race with friends or a global esports competition.

“With Simracing.GP we are building the largest esports racing database in the world. All drivers can be ranked based on their performance and multiple metrics,” said Bram Hengeveld, CEO of RaceDepartment. “While the past ten years saw vast improvements in simracing physics and visuals – growing more comparable to true motorsports every update – the community side did not receive equivalent quality of upgrades. SGP will free organizers from the busy-work of hosting races, tracking results and statistics, as well as provide an evolving database of active racers who can be invited to events with the click of a button.”

Tomas Vaiciunas, COO of Nascent, adds, “Racing with SGP eliminates the need for individuals to maintain expensive dedicated servers. Every simracer will be able to freely host their races on our platform, developed on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). High skill drivers will be noticed by one of our artificial intelligence smart features like Talent Identification, enabling teams and organizations to easily recruit top talent across the globe. Our AI also enables recommendations for further driver development.”

A limited beta test of the platform is set to begin in March. Additional features will be released to testers over the coming months, with a wider public beta planned for Q2 2020. The Simracing.GP beta will launch with Assetto Corsa support. Future versions will include support for Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista 2, Project Cars 2, rFactor 2. The platform is extendible to support upcoming titles.

About Simracing.GP

Simracing.GP is a new online platform for simracing esports aiming to provide a better racing experience. The platform simplifies managing and hosting online practice sessions, single races, and championships. SGP is a joint venture between RaceDepartment – world’s largest sim racing and motorsport website – and US-based technology investor Nascent.

About RaceDepartment

RaceDepartment is one of the oldest and largest simracing websites with an average of 1.5 million monthly website visits and over 1 million registered users generating more than 100 million pageviews per year.

About Nascent

Nascent is a technology investor with a focus on experimental digital products. Nascent areas of expertise include esports, AI solutions (Computer Vision, object recognition), cloud services, gaming and mobile applications. Nascent is headquartered in New York, USA, with R&D office in Sunrise Valley Tech Park, Vilnius, Lithuania.