Simracing.GP fills gap created by global shutdown of motorsports

As the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile has postponed the start of their World Championships – including F1, Formula E, World Rally Championship, World Touring Car Championship, and many endurance races – simracing takes centre stage as a rising esport. Simracing.GP, a new esports racing platform, will help racing fans through this empty live schedule.

Simracing.GP, a new online platform, provides simracers with the tools to participate and organize competitive multiplayer races, whether a casual race with friends or a global esports competition.

Bram Hengeveld, CEO of RaceDepartment, views this as the perfect opportunity for motorsports to gain more fans in esports, as well as introduce gamers to the world of motorsports. “As sports broadcasters are struggling to fill the schedule gaps, we could see esports franchises going mainstream, as well as sponsors exploring virtual opportunities to reach their target audiences.”

Chris Haye, notable simracing content creator, shares a video breaking down the SGP features, roadmap, and a preview of the UI.

The SGP platform is a joint venture between RaceDepartment, the oldest and largest simracing website with over a million users, and US technology investor Nascent. Closed beta testing of the platform begins early on March 20th, 2020, with a wider public beta following in Q2. The first batch of closed beta invites will be released in the morning; furthermore, testers will be able to invite a selected number of friends to join them.

About Simracing.GP

Simracing.GP is a new online platform for simracing esports aiming to provide a better racing experience. The platform simplifies managing and hosting online practice sessions, single races, and championships. SGP is a joint venture between RaceDepartment – world’s largest sim racing and motorsport website – and US-based technology investor Nascent.

About RaceDepartment

RaceDepartment is one of the oldest and largest simracing websites with an average of 1.5 million monthly website visits and over 1 million registered users generating more than 100 million pageviews per year.

About Nascent

Nascent is a technology investor with a focus on experimental digital products. Nascent areas of expertise include esports, AI solutions (Computer Vision, object recognition), cloud services, gaming and mobile applications. Nascent is headquartered in New York, USA, with R&D office in Sunrise Valley Tech Park, Vilnius, Lithuania.