It’s been a while since we last updated you all regarding (SGP), but it is with good reason. We have been working non-stop to get the platform ready to launch, and starting this week we are starting to onboard the first group of drivers from our waiting list. Guys, it’s time to race! But before we get into all the new features we’ve added and our plans for the future; here is a recap of what SGP is all about. ‍ SGP is a platform which provides everybody with the tools to create communities and manage online racing across your favourite racing sims. Put simply If you want to create complex multi-split leagues or just set up races for you and your friends, you can do it all on SGP. If you just want to race, you can find races and leagues from a host of communities already on the platform, as well as the SGP races open to everyone, everyday.

We have thousands of people on the waiting list for SGP and you will all have access soon, but in order to not overwhelm the communities already on the platform we will be introducing people in small groups. If you’re on the waiting list you will receive an email soon to let you know you now have access to the platform. Please be patient, we will be onboarding people in the order in which they registered their interest.


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We have over 30 communities which have helped us test the platform so far. Firstly we would like to say thank you to all of the members of these communities for doing such a great job of feeding back and helping us get the platform into great shape. ‍ The beauty of SGP is that there is full grid racing available for drivers of all skill levels every day. From the rookie series ACCSS right up to elite level racing with RCI. Moreover, there are some communities from people you may recognise such as SimRacing604 and The SimPit.

The variety of racing is also pretty unique, from MrGit style 105 car mega grids on ACC to super sprint races in the amazing new Formula Student series in Assetto Corsa. But the fun doesn’t stop at ACC and AC, more on that later…


I was at my absolute mental limit in trying to manage and track my league’s first season, but season 2 on SGP and a few other one off races were ridiculously simple to set up.


We have more communities coming on board so the opportunities to race will only increase further still. But we are always looking for more communities so if you have always wanted to start a community but have always been scared off by the server tech, work load or finding drivers, well now is your time to start.

If you have a unique idea for a community, we want to hear from you. Perhaps an over 40s veterans league, maybe an all female community, or even a single make time trial series. If it’s different, we’re interested. We will give you all the tools and guidance you need to get started. If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch here.

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New Features

Since our last (and first) announcement a lot has changed on SGP. Quite frankly too much to list right now but here are the highlights. ‍

  • Added ACC
  • Discord Integration
  • Added mods to AC - Also compatible with custom shader patch
  • Enhanced championship creation tools
  • Many UI and UX improvements
  • Community customisation tools
  • Mixed class racing in both AC and ACC
  • New Tournament formats
  • Enhanced entry list management ‍

Coming Soon

We are adding new features daily so watch this space for the latest updates but here is what is next on our list features we are planning to implement soon.

  • New titles - RaceRoom & AMS2
  • Championship penalty points system
  • Limits on cars per class
  • Further community customisation tools ‍ There is actually a ton of really cool and exciting stuff we aren’t quite ready to talk about yet but will be ready for launch, so stay tuned.

During the closed beta phase we successfully completed our first fully fledged Esports tournament, the G2 Esports Racing Series Powered by Trueforce. This was an elite level competition featuring some of the best ACC drivers in europe all fighting for cash prizes and sim racing equipment. This was the first of many esports competitions to come on the platform.

Starting on Janunary 4th we have another esports tournament open to our drivers on the platform. The Next Level Racing GT3 Cup. With awesome prizes up for grabs at every phase of the competition this is sure to be a cracker. Don’t worry if you miss this one, there will be many more for you to take part in.

‍ And last but not least. Something big is happening, something unlike anything you will have seen before in Esports, and it’s happening on SGP. Coming early 2021

Don’t forget if you would like to join you can sign up to the waiting list now and you will be invited on to the platform very soon, ahead of the full public release.

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